Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ramayan the Theatrical

Visual Developement of Ramayana the theatrical by Inkbrushnme Studios

It has been a fun ride for last few months, we have designed almost 25 characters and their costumes, prosthetics, customized weapons and props for a gran theatrical. This theatrical is one of its kind and a dream project for all of us involved in it. Now, most of the designs are ready and all of them have gone in making. The music of the entire theatrical is being made, actors are pumping up their muscles and working out hard on their dialogues, directors are on their toes making this dream project, dreamlike!

here is a video of its teaser that we cut, the music though is a reference track.

Look development of a theatrical based on Ramayana. Inkbrushnme studios has been extensively involved in art direction of the show. Working closely with the visionaries of the theatrical, we gave it a initial visible form.

some artwork and various looks:
proposed logo for the theatrical.


Anonymous said...

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Kanishk Chouhan said...

awesome stuff man....feels gud to see some good character designs on indian mythology....really love them...

Sharath Nair said...

Bro , the Ramayan work is too good, excellent. All the very best. My prayers and support to you and your wonderful team.