Monday, December 12, 2011

Zombie Talkies - Bloodfest in Bollywood

    Late 2008 inkbrushnme started discussing this concept with iRock of illustrating a zombie graphic novel for them. Which would be the first attempts of breaking through into the zombie genere in Indian context. Over next few weeks the script was finalized parallel to a zombie feature film iRock has been making.
In another eight nine months, the pages were inked and colored by our studio along with a lot of RedBull & alcohol, we were able to explore so much with the narrative progression. Hundreds of hours of blood burning and then the Bloodfest was ready for you guys.
A lot of design and layout liberties were taken to make the story look quirky, representing Bollywood. The story involved so many characters which were developed with such precision by the writers. For us, it was very important that the comic book pages made justice and elevate the whole experience of blood, gore and zombie extravaganza. The property was later on published by Pop Culture publishing. Hope you like it and enjoy reading the graphic novel.