Friday, March 31, 2006

the leather lounge bar

i hv done a series of six illustrations of beautiful ladies for a calender design of a bar of which u can see three. my goal was to create 'that' atmosphere of a bar. seductive, and a getting out a high feeling ven u look at them. at the same time improving my skillset was secondary goal. happy seeing!

the crow lane

A dream full of crows. A 'crowish' evening. you alone below a dim street light. and you become a crow for a reason. The Alchemy Happens. An Encounter with the real YOU.

doodles....they keep happening!

doodles keep on happening! i will die if i stop doodling around...!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

wanna fly.....wanna reach the sky...

...nothing is new in it...most of us feel that way... to be like a bird....roam the 'free way' where some like me dont exactly know where this freeway is going... unknown of wether it revolves or rotates or fades in or fades out or if it is a straight cut or The End. well i only know one thing bout it and i can proove that its a cycle or the above mention words...are the true words? well....then words take me to so many complex questions, and further into complex answers which lead to even more complexities...and this is the time when i take my pencil and paper and just be myself. and i love to be in a phase when my pencil speaks....because it has never led me to any complex confusions about the life. it says to me ....that life is beautiful when i m around wit u and is always wit me. this is the time when i actually fly...with thoughts and lines and doodles and scribbbbbles and that is me ....inkbrushnme. i m in the sky...already! but there is other side of me it is...lightcameranme! :D