Wednesday, October 11, 2006


what is WORKASM is all about!

a post after a long time

MY hard disk crashed. the worst tragedies u come across in ur life. i am in a process to recover due course of time. i got a new hdd, for time being, working over it. so scanned a few sketches n thought of updating the blog. have been waiting to update it since a long time... time is timeless. long time is even more timeless. don't u think so? and this time has inspired me. so i wast time in doodling. and some time cribbing over "segate" a brand that makes so called good hdd drives. but useless in my case. i am n useless case, my mom usually says that. so i thought of buying an external casing for my hdd. but guess what....EVEN THAT PROVED TO BE USELESS...!!!! this proves nothing but useless technologies n my useless logic's.

so just enjoy my illustrations n if u feel like using ur hdd to comment..pls do that. guys, donot buy hard disks. thy are usless.

remember..... hate hdd

these are how pune(pune, a place in maharashtra from where i come from. my native. a small and beautiful city with small n unhealthy roads) roads are. i know i am talking completely out of context. but being out of context is a context itself. but who knows a context? please explain it to me. please do come contextual enquiry about context. and also about pune roads. the cycle, early mornin, i was it n sketched in 15-20 seconds , just added a cat near the cycle with milk container. my city is full of cats. so i added a cat in the traffic scene also. that doesn't mean that i like em. OK guys, irrelevancy is increasing here, Ill go.

chai (tea) time