Friday, March 30, 2007

the Wall

a grafitti i did in IDC during the ICOGRADA 07. basically representing the flavours of Mumbai where the theme of the whole event was "Design Local"

and ofcourse, some crazy stuff happening around it!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

We speak, we know.

an artwork of a series on we speak we know.

it is an experiment in calligraphic, typographic, illustrations & space

lets brand the Chaiwalas of our city. a dream task.
isnt it interesting to brand Chaiwalas like the
Dabbawalas have been branded?
artwork for a book cover and its post production.
funn fACTory.
the great system of 2006.
its the cabinet of India..take your time to guess. but let me start... the center lady is Soniya Gee!!
An assignment i had done in my first year of IDC. the character of a typical politicial
equals to cactus... just a metaphor. i know cactusses are better than them. my take on
representing a character.. rather a family here of politicians. the great Congress of India
on the task of ruining India.