Monday, December 27, 2010

doodles n words from my Himalayan Odyssey

a road once travelled is never enough for me.
especially when the destination is unknown.

the physical and emotion destinations have always tricked me as you feel like settling below a waterfall
and the restless mind flows along with the waterfall down the main stream of the huge river.

Mind takes me through the Himalaya and is lost and frost.
i need my sketchbook and doodle instruments to find myself. i find more colors and dry pastels dancing

I will be a lost traveller, i like it that way and thats when i realize fragmented facets about myself.
but i never meant to hurt anyone intentionally, not even the birds i went over while riding.
the dead dogs i pitied when they were lying across the highways. I didnt mean to hurt you dear mountains when i smoked a cigarette in the purest air. it was just me letting my unheard feeling out, i was out of words just by looking at your beauty which was so erotic, enigmatic and exotic.


Monday, December 20, 2010

DawaDaru : Mocha Mojo, Bandra, highlights!

And the panic began for the afternoon event!! We had some new electronica tracks and psychedelic bhajans for the groove and the most appropriate zone was created at Mocha Mojo, Bandra. A special thanks to Utsa and Videsha the Leaping windows duo with their support this evening became even more colorful!

This one was special for us as we shared our very first offering as a compilation of selected art work that was displayed by outer space at Mocha.and compositions. DOSE1 illustrated the colours of krishna as we see them everyday and it was a beautiful journey across our canvas, beat syncing to the sounds of electro soul Bhajans.

The Best part of the event was the involvement of the audience as they were absorbing the live performance and were indulging in their personal activities and one could experience the vibes and the spiritual exchanges. It was an informal experience as you enjoy what you do in public and their involvement of understanding the intentions DawaDaru made it richer.

so began the 4 hour long voyage of DawaDaru, 2 canvases, three performers and a lot of energy.
For those who missed the performance, here are some of the pictures. 
Cheers to all who made it for the DOSE!