Thursday, November 25, 2010

booblob a new series

I need not say much. BlobBlobBlob. 

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

inkbrushnme studios!!

so inkbrushnme studios was finally registered a few months back!! in 2005 
i decided to have a studio which will specialize in illustration. as time passed by
i have been lucky enough to have worked with some great people, design studios, ad agencies, production houses and they have become more than great friends, mentors, beer pals and a continuous pool of inspiration. it always has been pleasure working and collaborating with them on various levels of challenges making zombies, creating comics, doodling, designing mascots, dawadaru-ing, painting streets,walls, canvases, collecting trash and animating, etc! 


inkbrushnme was a very little germ but now is a collective of artists, designers, animators, photographers, film makers, cinematographers, musicians, writers, origamists, sculptors based across the country. We collaborate and create experiences, zones, moments!


series of illustrations for Inorbit Mall's Brochure as they plan to expand and make their presence felt across the country. the core intention remains of enhancing the shopping experience throughout various strata and yet keep it local.

GQ sports
thought ill share my process of making an illustration. this although explains the technique but not how a brain works, its far too complex than words and visuals!

click on the image for a detailed view
this was a charticle for GQ's 2010 anniversary issue, a very simple concept to represent winnners and looosers of the previous GQyear!