Saturday, February 05, 2011

Linkin Park Tour Visuals - Narrative Progression

i was blown away when i read the subject of an email, i was contacted by the studio which was handling projection narratives for Linkin Park for their forthcoming tour during the launch of their new album - a thousand suns. the brief was to come up with a new illustrative style which signifies their music and since this album included a major heavy metal integration, the art needed to be grunge and dark. i choose to keep the illustrations abstract to a good extent and intuitively drew all that came to me, chester benningtons portrait, beatmixing, vocals, i let myself become a visualization equalizer. I did not get to listen to the new tracks although i asked for, but legal obligations.., so went ahead with their old hits and later on i got a seq of the songs they were playing and the tracks i was asked to work on.
this was the list:
1. Given Up
2. No More Sorrow
3. Crawling + In The End
4. One Step Closer [climax track]
these five tracks were spread in four acts during the show, there were many more guys who collaborated for the event aswell, so of their 22 tracks, i was able to work on 5! YAY!
and so i am sharing some of the work i created for Linkin Park almost six months after completion as my contract got over. I hvnt got to see any of their concerts neither any documentation of where and how the illustrations were used. these are just a few of them.