Monday, December 27, 2010

doodles n words from my Himalayan Odyssey

a road once travelled is never enough for me.
especially when the destination is unknown.

the physical and emotion destinations have always tricked me as you feel like settling below a waterfall
and the restless mind flows along with the waterfall down the main stream of the huge river.

Mind takes me through the Himalaya and is lost and frost.
i need my sketchbook and doodle instruments to find myself. i find more colors and dry pastels dancing

I will be a lost traveller, i like it that way and thats when i realize fragmented facets about myself.
but i never meant to hurt anyone intentionally, not even the birds i went over while riding.
the dead dogs i pitied when they were lying across the highways. I didnt mean to hurt you dear mountains when i smoked a cigarette in the purest air. it was just me letting my unheard feeling out, i was out of words just by looking at your beauty which was so erotic, enigmatic and exotic.


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