Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a post after a long time

MY hard disk crashed. the worst tragedies u come across in ur life. i am in a process to recover due course of time. i got a new hdd, for time being, working over it. so scanned a few sketches n thought of updating the blog. have been waiting to update it since a long time... time is timeless. long time is even more timeless. don't u think so? and this time has inspired me. so i wast time in doodling. and some time cribbing over "segate" a brand that makes so called good hdd drives. but useless in my case. i am n useless case, my mom usually says that. so i thought of buying an external casing for my hdd. but guess what....EVEN THAT PROVED TO BE USELESS...!!!! this proves nothing but useless technologies n my useless logic's.

so just enjoy my illustrations n if u feel like using ur hdd to comment..pls do that. guys, donot buy hard disks. thy are usless.

remember..... hate hdd

these are how pune(pune, a place in maharashtra from where i come from. my native. a small and beautiful city with small n unhealthy roads) roads are. i know i am talking completely out of context. but being out of context is a context itself. but who knows a context? please explain it to me. please do come contextual enquiry about context. and also about pune roads. the cycle, early mornin, i was it n sketched in 15-20 seconds , just added a cat near the cycle with milk container. my city is full of cats. so i added a cat in the traffic scene also. that doesn't mean that i like em. OK guys, irrelevancy is increasing here, Ill go.

chai (tea) time


neYYan said...

Man, I'm inspired!!..

hey .. your illustrations are nothing but gr8..


sameer said...

haha.. poor u!... sorry about ur HDD!
but u r doin really gr8 job with ur PENCIL!


sURi said...

"guys, donot buy hard disks. thy are usless."


nice works!!


Vishal said...

Dear harshwardhan,
really impressed by your work. Its awesome, unbelievable. Since last few months i was searching about your father late shri Vijay kadam on net. but sorry to say there is no picture/profile/work shown while googling/binging... Would like to request you to put some of his work, his photographs on net.


Vishal Kumar Pandit