Saturday, January 02, 2010

»» Scribe, Subscribe ««

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Last couple of months have been really full of ups and downs. from extreme alcoholism to zero alcoholism. from coldest weathers (i m talking bout Pune ;P) to the sweatiest streets. from canvases to new media projects! Phew!! the year really ended well. Amongst everything from past few days, few moments which i remember are about cutting my Beard and becoming younger by atleast couple o years so the security agencies of this country do not consider me as a terrorist. then was a a period spent in Goa where it was doodle addiction and the High still continues like never before. Along came couple of roadtrips and off-season rainfalls. Then was the Avatar High. A film which got back my lost child and everytime when i watch Avatar cheering Na'Vi's... I am so motivated. the most amazing film, film experience i have had after Godfather. I leave this space on one and onlyNew Year Resolution, Avoid Plastic usage as much as I can.

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