Sunday, November 29, 2009

pen paper ink words drawings thoughts and a roller.

...newdles... :D phases and consequences of unknown revelations, floating eyes of random subscriptions, like unidirectional crows transcending through generations, school of monkeys above Rama temple, they all educate unquestioned faiths and believes and through them i learn to question faith and coincidences. these are the drawings from close past. comics, characters, doodles, installations, clowns, faces, crows, monkeys, civilizations, myths, emotions, troubles, conclusion and decisions make me a better person everyday.


Tongue Trip said...

wow! this is so cool. love krishna and the play of shadow and deft pen strokes in your drawings. :)

rahul arora said...

gr8 work

cowzah said...

hi harsh

your work is really strong and cool. and inspiring for me. i often use pen-pencil-ink-variousotherstuff to draw on paper,illustrate.although not trained, but have long been doing that to remain sane. from your work, the handrawn pen-n-ink work makes an instant connect.m glad i came across this blog.i'd love to get some of your stuff which is out there in shops. where could i do that? i'm in delhi.
i keep trying to look for similar stuff on the net but its hardly there.could you give me some links/names?..specially hand-drawn scratchy illustrations.
thanks..look forward to seeing more of your work.


hodge podge said...

gr8 work.. the crow luks sucha a don... heading thru.. ur amazing... :)
loved it