Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Deepak Chopra's Buddha

Hi All! i have finished four comic books till now! and i am super excited to tell you guys that i am enjoying the process of storytelling and drawing though the deadlines are so fucked up! enjoy! I just finished drawing the second comic book. It is a graphic adaptation of Deepak Chopra's Buddha, a story of enlightenment. It is a miniseries of six comic books and i am really enjoying it. You can order a copy here . Click here to read the review for the book. and here. and here.


Autumn said...

Hello - I just picked up Buddha Issue 1. I love it. The lines are serpentine, liquid, and the faces of the women and Siddhartha are beatific. Your work is beautifully suited to this wonderful story.

SaIk said...

awesome!!...too good man!! looks much like a work on canvas.

Devavrat Mathur said...

M such a big fan!