Monday, April 14, 2014

Trimurti Brahma Vishnu Shiva Meditation Prints

Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva. 
3 exclusive signed, numbered & packaged A3 prints @ Rs.6000/only. [60 copies only]
confirm your orders at:
shipping FREE in INDIA. shipping for overseas extra. 
I have spent days & nights to conceive each piece, every detail to paint every pixel and present these stories from beyond. Pleasure your eyes by following the link for vibrations within.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Zombie Talkies - Bloodfest in Bollywood

    Late 2008 inkbrushnme started discussing this concept with iRock of illustrating a zombie graphic novel for them. Which would be the first attempts of breaking through into the zombie genere in Indian context. Over next few weeks the script was finalized parallel to a zombie feature film iRock has been making.
In another eight nine months, the pages were inked and colored by our studio along with a lot of RedBull & alcohol, we were able to explore so much with the narrative progression. Hundreds of hours of blood burning and then the Bloodfest was ready for you guys.
A lot of design and layout liberties were taken to make the story look quirky, representing Bollywood. The story involved so many characters which were developed with such precision by the writers. For us, it was very important that the comic book pages made justice and elevate the whole experience of blood, gore and zombie extravaganza. The property was later on published by Pop Culture publishing. Hope you like it and enjoy reading the graphic novel.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ramayan the Theatrical

Visual Developement of Ramayana the theatrical by Inkbrushnme Studios

It has been a fun ride for last few months, we have designed almost 25 characters and their costumes, prosthetics, customized weapons and props for a gran theatrical. This theatrical is one of its kind and a dream project for all of us involved in it. Now, most of the designs are ready and all of them have gone in making. The music of the entire theatrical is being made, actors are pumping up their muscles and working out hard on their dialogues, directors are on their toes making this dream project, dreamlike!

here is a video of its teaser that we cut, the music though is a reference track.

Look development of a theatrical based on Ramayana. Inkbrushnme studios has been extensively involved in art direction of the show. Working closely with the visionaries of the theatrical, we gave it a initial visible form.

some artwork and various looks:
proposed logo for the theatrical.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anna Hazare Vector Graphic for posters & tshirts

citizens' ombudsman bill. 
i support Anna Hazare and his movement in my own little way but making this graphic, free for use wherever and however. on t-shirts, on posters, cutouts, stickers. Anna does not need visibility, he needs us and our support. Spread the word and its usage if you feel responsible for at-least yourself. 

HI res .PNG

For your social network support.

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Pepsodent Comic Book extension of Pappu&Pappa

The acceptance of comic books in India has gone through a major change in last few years because of social networks and the new generation has been looking at alternative entertainment and careers.
My approach towards taking up assignments has changed over the period of time and I look for projects and collaborations where the product has a tangible value than a week long communication that fades away in Indian daylight.
This strategy of Pepsodent to extend Pappu and Pappa, their marketing and advertising campaign, to comic books and distribute along with the toothpaste have helped comic books in India reach a few lac houses, with a minimum circulation of 15lac units across the country. Arguably, the largest number of comic books ever distributed in India. Comic books will reach houses where they wont spend money to buy a comic book otherwise and contribute in the awareness of the medium.

The stories for the books were simple and were penned down for wide spread masses and had a lot of scope for making them visually stunning. This scope had a size limitation which was half of A5, for the offer to be cost efficient to the client. Most difficult of the process was to get shahrukh khan's character right and keep the comic bright, kitsch and appealing.

I am grateful to the entire team at Lowe, Zeth, Sushant, Shruti, Puneet, etc and ofcourse Kaustubh Kamat who helped me out with the process.

Ill share the work process in the next post as i have been asked a lot of times regarding the same.